Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bing.com A web search engine

Bing is Microsoft's new default search engine. MSN Search,Live Search and Windows Live Search are now Bing.com (A web search engine). Bing is actually web search engine from Microsoft. It is launched in 28 May, 2009 in San Diego.Bing.com is online on 3 June, 2009.
Bing is best improvement over the previous search engine, Bing may beats Google in some areas. Microsoft has told that the company sees Bing.com as a start and that improvements will continue to roll out over the time.
Internet data firm StatCounter said Microsoft's new Bing search engine had 9.41 percent of the U.S. market in July, up from 8.23 percent in June. Google's share slipped to 77.54 percent from 78.48 percent.

Microsoft and Yahoo plan to use Bing to power search queries on Yahoo's sites. They announced a 10-year Web search deal to challenge Google.
There so many multi background in bing.com they are looking really very nice.
According to alexa (The web information company) its global ranking is 21.

Below is the picture of bing.com:

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